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LMD Business Strategies & Consulting was founded by Lux Lamula, in June 2018, specifically to help deal with the challenges faced by small businesses in gaining access to government contracts, complying with SARS Income tax requirements and ensuring that all red tape in starting and running a business in South Africa is well addressed to enable small business owners to run their business with the ease and convenience of knowing that all the legal and compliance aspects of the business are take care of. The founder of LMD Business Strategies & Consulting, Mr. Lux Mthobisi Lamula is a registered and qualified Tax Practitioner with the South African Revenue Service, A member of the Tax Faculty, A registered Business Accountant with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and he has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University Of Limpopo. With business experience spanning over 12 years, Mr. Lamula is well qualified to ensure that his team delivers the best service to your organization and caters specifically to your business’ needs. 
since 2018
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